About Big Fish Creative

Call us ‘obsessed’, but we can’t get enough of
innovative digital design and results-driven strategy.

Big Fish Creative was founded in 2016 to help brands and businesses navigate their digital customer journey. Based on the Canadian West Coast, we work closely with entrepreneurs and decision-makers to understand their audiences and help them build the right marketing campaigns and processes to create a loyal client base. We believe the right product vision and marketing strategy can increase revenue and keep clients coming back.

We are rooted in our passion for creating the remarkable, thriving on using our expertise in strategic problem solving, addicted to the challenge of what’s next while endlessly striving to be one step ahead. We are a tight-knit team of expert creators, dedicated to seeking innovative and effective solutions.

Remarkable Creative

In today’s visual world, you have only a few seconds to capture your audience. We believe that good design is paramount, and because of this, our creative captures the feel of your brand.

Strategic Digital Marketing

The best digital marketing campaigns require platform-specific expertise, and we reach your intended audience through every available digital touchpoint.

Fearless Problem Solving

We bring the best of strategy, design, and user experience together. We specialize in both creative and digital, whereby we plan, test, and build customized solutions that deliver results.

Industries That we Specialize In

Medical Spas


Retail & eCommerce


Education & Training

Technology & Software

Home Improvement


Travel & Hospitality

Event Planning




Professional Consulting

Energy & Utilities

Fitness & Wellness