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We know how to get you in front of the right people,
and stay in front of the right people.

We bridge the gap between businesses and their audience through precision-targeted digital advertising, across a multitude of platforms. We are a full-service agency that works with you from top to bottom. From creating lead-orientated landing pages, all the way to displaying custom-built creatives that captivate your audience, we have been helping all types of businesses for 10+ years in benefiting off of paid digital advertising. We understand the algorithms & technicalities that come with running ads, and we have the recipes for you to prosper along with your business.

Your Top Questions
About Search Engine Marketing

How do you measure the success of your advertising campaigns? When it comes to digital marketing, success measurement is crucial to our approach.

We heavily focus on a set of metrics that give us a clear picture on how to manage & skyrocket your campaign. Along with detailed analysis from us to you, your campaigns will be firing on all cylinders before you know it.

Do you guys help with ad creative? Well, the bottom line is: This is one of our specialities at BFC.

We create killer pieces that are not only eye-catching, but designed in ways where it prompts the user to hit the CTA. We create items that are catered to your campaign goals & that are visually appealing for whomever may come across them.

How do you target ads to the right audience? We utilize advanced targeting methods based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience.

No matter the industry, we always execute heavy research into these items before commencing a campaign, so we can best understand who needs to see your ads.

How do you guys start a new digital marketing campaign? We are very much against the ideology of whipping something up then letting it sit.

Before the commencement of any campaign, we will take extensive time with you to understand the business & the goal of your campaign. From there, we develop a customized strategy, create the ad creatives, set up the campaign, and continuously monitor and optimize for performance.

How does your team handle my ad budget? It’s our goal to work with you to set a budget that makes sense for your goals and ensure that spend is optimized for the best possible outcomes.

Campaigns are always subjected to fluctuations, and if there is ever time where we feel you need to invest more/less, we will be completely clear about the reasons behind it.

Account set up & optimization
Google, Meta, LinkedIn, etc.
In-depth keyword analysis
Weekly/Monthly Reporting
Campaign A/B Testing
Multiple Creative Versions
Agency-quality landing pages
Conversion-focused funnels

Industries That we Specialize In

Medical Spas


Retail & eCommerce


Education & Training

Technology & Software

Home Improvement


Travel & Hospitality

Event Planning




Professional Consulting

Energy & Utilities

Fitness & Wellness

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