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Someone holding BCEHS Long Service Awards folder.
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BC Emergency Health Services

From 2021 to 2023, the team at Big Fish Creative collaborated closely with BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) to develop compelling and impactful visual communications. Our goal was to design materials that were both modern and professional, effectively conveying crucial information to BCEHS’s target audiences. Our portfolio for BCEHS included awareness campaigns, special event agendas, and workplace documents, all crafted to meet their specific needs.

Throughout this partnership, we dedicated ourselves to tailoring every piece to BCEHS’s unique requirements. For the awareness campaigns, we conducted extensive research to understand their target demographic, utilizing our strategic design expertise to create visually compelling and effective materials. Beyond campaigns, our team designed both print and digital advertisements, employing a holistic approach to engage and inform the public. Our efforts resulted in a variety of visually stunning communication materials that not only met professional standards but also conveyed essential information in an appealing and impactful manner.


BC Emergency Health Services

Years Active:

2021 – 2023