Mattress Firm signage at a busy transit station.
Mattress Firm signage on a busy street.
Mattress Firm Landing Page on iPhone
Mattress Firm Signage At A Busy Transit Station

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is the world’s largest mattress retailer, operating over 2,000 locations across 48 U.S states. So when Big Fish Creative was contacted for an event design project in mind, our expertise in creative design and marketing strategy was put to the test — rest assured, we were prepared for the task!

How do you take an already established brand and create a marketing campaign to increase brand awareness in a refreshing manner? We began by identifying the brand’s existing positioning and perception among consumers — a luxurious mattress retailer, highly regarded for their expertise and quality. Understanding this allowed us to strategize an event design that effectively elevated brand recognition through a nationwide campaign, with inventive visuals and copy that communicates the modernity and superiority of Mattress Firm.


Mattress Firm

Years Active:

2019 – Present